Um Processo de Validação de Requisitos Não-Funcionais no NFR-Framework

Anselmo de Araujo CoutoLuiz Eduardo Galvão Martins

This paper presents a proposal to validate non functional requirements based on the NFR-framework. Our aim is to offer a systematization to validate nonfunctional requirements, analyzing its evolution and the quality of the original document specification regarding the non-functional requirements. In order to achieve that we tested the systematization in 3 (three) documents of requirement specification for distinct systems, although in this paper only one is referred. The studies followed the proposed activities step-bystep. The case was applied in a requirement document specified for software of requirements management. The finding results allows us to verify that: a) the proposed process serves as instrument of quality improvement during the non-functional requirement validation; b) the process assists the requirements engineers to develop a refinement of non-functional requirements, identifying system properties that were previously obscure.

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