Towards a Framework for Improving Goal-Oriented Requirement Models Quality

Carlos CaresXavier Franch

Goal-orientation is a widespread and useful approach to Requirements Engineering. However, quality assessment frameworks focused on goaloriented processes are either limited or remain on the theoretical side. Requirements quality initiatives range from simple metrics applicable to requirements documents, to general-purpose quality frameworks that include syntactic, semantic and pragmatic concerns. In some recent works, we have proposed a metrics framework for goal-oriented models, but the approach did not cover the cycle of quality assessment. In this paper we present a semiotic-based quality assessment proposal built upon the i* framework and the SEQUAL proposal. We propose a simplification of SEQUAL which can be applied to i* models by defining semantic, pragmatic and social metrics. As a result, we obtain suites of metrics that can be applied to i* goaloriented requirements models. This theoretical work is put into practice by using iStarML, a XML representation of i* models, over which XQuery sentences compute the proposed metrics.

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