OpenReq: uma Ferramenta para Auxílio à Gerência de Requisitos

Claiton Luís GringsMiriam Sayão

The activity of requirements specification demands considerable efforts from professionals that execute it. To accomplish the activity, it's not enough to obtain the requirements with customers. It is necessary to have a clear and complete understanding of customer's necessities. Considering the issues associated to requirement's registration and management, and the necessity of process's optimization during product's conception, the OpenReq tool was developed. The objective of OpenReq is to offer the possibility of requirements managements through an automated tool that is different from the other tools because it is open source and consequently, doesn't have monetary costs for its utilization. The OpenReq was developed to Web platform, enabling the decentralized management of software requirements in just one base. The creation of this tool looks for the stimulation of the adoption of requirement management practices for small and medium companies and contribute with open source development community too, using open source technology.

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