Comparing GORE Frameworks: i-star and KAOS

Vera Maria Bejamim WerneckAntonio de Padua Albuquerque OliveiraJulio Cesar Sampaio do Prado Leite

Goal-Oriented Requirements Engineering (GORE) is an approach to requirements engineering dealing with intentionality in accordance with the relations among different actors. KAOS and i* (i-star) frameworks have been receiving many references as being important GORE proposals. This paper presents an conceptual analysis comparing characteristics of those methods giving examples related to actors' relations definition, goal organizational model, tasks representation, risk analysis, and non-functional requirements. The aim of this work is to show both frameworks benefits and drawbacks. We believe that this analysis helps the understanding of the core concepts of GORE as well as it draws attention to key representation issues for both KAOS and i*.

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