An Initial Analysis on How Software Transparency and Trust Influence each other

Luiz Marcio CysneirosVera Maria Benjamim Werneck

If we make a simple search on the internet for the definition of transparency there will be several different ones from optics to protocols. But most of the definitions will overlap among the notion that transparency is about how something is open enough to allow things to be deeply observed from different perspectives. Orthogonally, Transparency has been demanded in several different areas in our society. Governments are demanded to be more transparent, banks are being blamed for not being transparent and so on. In a world where software is already pervasive and where the internet is connecting individuals all over the world, software transparency seems to be not only a remote possibility but something we will have to deliver sooner than many have thought. This paper aims at showing that trust is one of the important features to achieve transparency although this trust can be sometimes misleading.

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