Using a Problem Domain Language to Specify Navigational Concerns in Web Applications

Leandro AntonelliSilvia GordilloGustavo RossiJoão AraujoAna Moreira

By nature, web applications involve a myriad of different concerns, which many times crosscut each other. The result is that these crosscutting concerns are scattered throughout different software artifacts provoking information tangling in those concerns. This paper presents an approach for using the problem domain language captured by LEL (Language Extended Lexicon) to improve the modeling of those concerns which affect navigation, i.e. the navigational concerns. It shows how to build partial navigation scenarios with user interaction diagrams, to analyze how they crosscut and, from there, how to obtain information for improving design models. Finally, it discusses how the interleaving of requirements elicitation with language specification allows improving the description of scenarios and the discovering of crosscutting relationships.

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