The SRAMO Technique for Analysis and Reuse of Requirements in Multi-agent Application Engineering

Alisson Neres LindosoRosario Girardi

The increasing interest on the multi-agent software development paradigm turns necessary the elaboration of appropriate techniques and methodologies. A Multiagent Application Engineering process is characterized by the construction of applications based on agent-oriented reusable software artifacts. This paper presents SRAMO, an ontology-driven technique for requirement analysis of multi-agent applications by reusing domain models representing common and variable requirements of a family of multi-agent applications in a domain. The requirements of a particular application are represented in models obtained through the instantiation of the ONTORMAS ontology that expresses the knowledge of the MAAEM methodology for Multi-agent Application Engineering, MAAEM integrates SRAMO and techniques for design and implementation of a specific application in a domain family. Part of a case study employing SRAMO for modeling RecomTour, a multi-agent application for recommendation of touristic packages through Web usage mining and collaborative filtering is also described.

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