Modelo de Alocação de Banda com Compartilhamento Oportunista entre Classes de Tráfego e Aplicações em Redes Multiserviço

Towards a robustness study of intuitionistic fuzzy reasoning

Rafael Freitas RealeWalter da C. P. NetoJoberto S. B. Martins

Renata H. S. ReiserLidiane VisinitinÍbero BenítezBenjamín Bedregal

Bandwidth allocation models are important tools towards anefficient allocation of resources in networks. In DS-TE networks context thereare allocation models which fundamentally respect constraints and preservepriorities among defined Traffic Classes (CTs). This paper proposes a newbandwidth allocation model called "AllocCT-sharing" which is integratedwith CSPF routing protocol. In AllocCT-sharing, CTs hierarchically superiormay, opportunistically, make use of bandwidth not used by lower prioritiesCTs and applications. AllocCT-sharing model preserves all service levelagreements (SLAs) involved and, beyond that, attempts to improve the overallusability of link resources available in specific traffic distribution scenarios. This work investigates the robustness of intuitionistic fuzzy connectives in fuzzy reasoning. Starting with an evaluation of the sensitivity in n-order functions in the class of intuitionistic fuzzy sets, we introduce and study the robustness of intuitionistic fuzzy inference systems, mainly related to the sensitivity of intuitionistic fuzzy connectives. The paper formally states the robustness in the intuitionistic fuzzy MP rule under some commonly used intuitionistic fuzzy t-norms and implication functions.

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