Sistema fuzzy para controle da produtividade leiteira no âmbito da agricultura familiar do sudoeste goiano

Isaque Elcio SouzaTatiane Melo LimaPaulo Afonso Parreira JúniorPaulo Filho Hellmeister

The dairy industry is one of the major activities performed on properties of family farms, which production is significantly important for the country. An important factor, that directly influences milk production, is the feeding of the animals, usually performed with the use of pastures. Thus, studies that aim to guide the management of pasture and the animals can contribute strongly to the most appropriate use of the resources of a family farm, as well as to increase milk productivity of these properties. The aim of this paper is to present an expert system based on fuzzy logic that can help family farmers, particularly farmers in the southwest of Goiás state, to achieve better productivity in your property, using the resources available to it. For this, the system uses existing variables in the context of family farming, as soil fertility, productive capacity of the animals, type of climate in the region, type of food supplementation used, among others, to indicate an estimated production of milk. Thus, it is expected that the farmer as well as professionals involved in family farming can improve their decision making with regard to changes that must be carried on the properties. We conducted an evaluation of the proposed fuzzy system with five farmers from the Jataí/GO city. The results were satisfactory, even to indicate an average error between the perspective of production generated by the system and the actual production of 1.29 lts of milk to the properties assessed.

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