RankMailFuzzy - Um sistema fuzzy para ranqueamento de e-mails

Alfredo Gomes Araújo NetoDanne da Silva OliveiraMurillo Mendes RamosMurillo SilvaHeitor Augustus Xavier CostaPaulo Afonso Parreira Júnior

This paper aims to present the RankMailFuzzy, an expert system based on fuzzy logic for ranking emails. The ranking is done according to user's profile, considering, for example, the number of emails read and answered in a particular email address, among other factors. The goal is to determine the email addresses and email messages with higher priority to the user, thus placing them at the top of your inbox. A system evaluation was performed with 50 emails that come from 5 users and 15 different sources (email addresses). The results were satisfactory, since the RankMailFuzzy was able to rank correctly 82% of messages analyzed.

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