A Reconfigurable ASIC Implementation of a Network Gateway Based on the IPv4 Protocol

Crístian MüllerPaulo César C. de AguirreLucas TeixeiraLeonardo L. de OliveiraJoão Baptista dos S. Martins

This paper describes the design and the test results of a full-duplex Internet Protocol Version 4 based ASIC implementation. Routing and addressing features with a re-configurable ARP table were integrated. The design was timing-driven and previous simulations have shown a 125MHz maximum operating frequency on a 0.35?m technology. The estimated statistical power consumption is 48mW. The prototyped chip has 19,060 logic equivalent cells and a total die area of 5.43mm2 . Initial tests in the prototyped integrated circuit indicate a maximum operating frequency around 50MHz, limited by the test environment constraints, but the real maximum operating frequency was estimated around 95MHz.

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