Nowadays there is an increasing appeal to systematize the archiving and the search of digital audiovisual content. On one hand, the Internet works like a huge repository. Although, to create an intelligent search method to work well all over the Internet media content is very complex. The web search engines typically rely on ranking algorithms that could be inefficient in some specific cases. On the other hand, there are some private collections that could rely in more efficient media management methods. One interesting perspective is to create shared media repositories among selected members like in a grid virtual organization approach. The goal of such grid initiatives, like Cinegrid, is to systematize the production, the storage and the distribution of original finished or unfinished digital content among members. The goal of the present research is to collaborate to such media grid environments in two ways. First, developing an intelligent distributed search engine based on ontology. This ontology will be built on strong metadata, creating relationships among objects based on content types, formats, year of production, copyright restrictions, etc. Second, this distributed ontology mechanism will be evaluated through the development of an application that will help a producer, director or editor to search related reusable content from a distributed media repository like Cinegrid.
Avaliação das tecnologias para objetos distribuídos: JAVA x .NET

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