A Systematic Mapping Study on Formal Methods Applied to Crosscutting Concerns Mining

Rafael S. DurelliVinícius H. S. Durelli

Background: Crosscutting concerns consist in software system features having the implementation spread across modules as tangled and scattered code. Developers need of up-to-date knowledge aboutcrosscutting concerns currently implemented in their systems and about the location of these concerns throughout the underlying code. Hence,within the academic community there are a bunch of techniques to mine such scattered concerns. To the best of our knowledge, there is no survey reporting on what methods have been employed in this area. Objectives: To conduct a systematic mapping study to ascertain what formal methods have been used to assist the mining of crosscutting concerns.Research Method: We have carried out a systematic mapping study of the literature based upon searching of major electronic databases.Results: As a result, 10 primary studies have been selected and classified by their categories and data of publication. From analyzing the results of our mapping study, we found out that formal methods have scarcely been used to assist the identification of crosscutting concerns.Conclusions: According to our results, there is still much research to be done on applying formal methods to support crosscutting mining. Therefore, this mapping study may be seen as an initial step towards identifying research gaps in the area and thus perspectives for future research.

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