A Preliminary Study on the Effects of Working with a Testing Process in Software Product Line Projects

Ivan do Carmo MachadoEduardo Santana de AlmeidaGecynalda Soares da Silva GomesPaulo Anselmo da Mota Silveira NetoRenato Lima NovaisManoel Gomes de Mendonça Neto

Software Product Lines (SPL) research has gained the attention of the software engineering community. This can be noticed by the increasing amount of published papers in this field and its industrial adoption. Nevertheless, researchers in SPL have mostly focused on proposing new cross-discipline solutions, rather than evaluating existing approaches. Little effort has been devoted to evaluation and validation research, especially regarding testing. In this context, this study presents an experimental study, performed to investigate the effects of applying a unit testing process in an SPL project. The study is a controlled experiment involving 32 participants, which analyzed the use of a structured testing process in an SPL project. The results show that no gains were noticed when following a structured process at the unit test level in the analyzed context (in-vitro study in the academia with undergraduate students). The collected insights are reported for further studies and the gathered data will serve as baseline values for future experiments.

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