Towards Full-fledged XML Fragmentation for Transactional Distributed Databases

Rebeca SchroederCarmem S. Hara

In data distribution design, fragmentation has been widely applied to provide scalable and available database services. Recently, the advent of cloud computing and the dissemination of large-scale distributed systems have shown that the traditional solution for data distribution is not suitable. In this paper we tackle the fragmentation problem for transactional databases which are highly distributed. Our specific goal is to develop a fragmentation approach that avoids distributed transactions and, consequently, improve the system throughput and maximize storage. To this purpose, we analyze a transactional workload in order to pack the most correlated data in the same fragment or in a set of few fragments. We are particularly focused on the XML model since it is a flexible model to support several applications, including systems in the cloud. This paper presents the current state of our work, preliminary results of our contribution and future directions we intend to pursue.

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