BenchXtend: a tool to benchmark and measure elasticity of cloud databases

Rodrigo Felix de AlmeidaJavam C. Machado

The rapid adoption of cloud computing infrastructures by the main players of IT industry has leveraged a wide range of researching challenges and opportunities. Particularly in the database area, many data systems have emerged with remarkable differences when compared to traditional relational databases. Altogether with these changes comes the need of evaluating them. However, traditional benchmark tools for database systems, like TPC-C, are not sufficient to analyze all the features and specificities of data systems in cloud computing. Some tools, like YCSB, cover some specificities of cloud computing. However, to be more realistic, such tools should change the number of clients during the workload, to measure elasticity. Besides, metrics are needed to provide an evaluation indicator both from consumer and provider perspective, focusing on their specific requirements. In this work we present BenchXtend, a tool to benchmark and measure elasticity of databases on cloud infrastructures. As part of this tool, we define some metrics from the consumer and provider perspectives to measure elasticity. Finally, we evaluate our solution and our metrics.

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