On the Modularity Assessment of Aspect-Oriented Multi-Agent Systems Product Lines: a Quantitative Study

Camila NunesUirá KuleszaCláudio Sant'AnnaIngrid NunesCarlos Lucena

This paper presents a quantitative study of development and evolution of a multi-agent systems product line (MAS-PL). The investigated MAS-PL is obtained from the initial version of a conference management web-based system, named Expert Committee (EC), that is gradually evolved to incorporate a series of change scenarios related to new agency features (autonomous behavior). The quantitative study consists of a systematic comparison between two different versions of the MAS-PL: (i) one version implemented with object-oriented techniques and conditional compilation; and (ii) the other one using aspect-oriented techniques. Our analysis was driven by fundamental modularity attributes, such as: separation of concerns, interaction between concerns, and program size.

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