?-ADL for WS-Composition: A Service-Oriented Architecture Description Language for the Formal Development of Dynamic Web Service Compositions

Flavio Oquendo

Enabling the specification of dynamic service-oriented architectures is a key challenge for an Architecture Description Language (ADL). This paper describes ?-ADL for WS-Composition, a novel ADL that has its roots in the ArchWare European Project. It is a formal language specially designed for modeling dynamic architectures based on the typed ?-calculus. While most ADLs focus on describing static architectures from a structural viewpoint, ?-ADL focuses on formally describing dynamic architectures from both structural and behavioral viewpoints. How ?-ADL for WS-Composition can be used for specifying dynamic Web Service compositions is introduced through a case study. Its design principles, concepts and notation are presented. The ?-ADL for WS-Composition toolset is outlined.

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