SPARSE: Um Ambiente de Ensino e Aprendizado de Engenharia de Software Baseado em Jogos e Simulação

Experimenting Middleware-Level Monitoring Facilities to Observe Component-based Applications

Mariane M. SouzaRodolfo F. ResendeLucas S. PradoEdgar F. FonsecaFlavio A. CarvalhoAlexsander D. Rodrigues

Eduardo FonsecaSand CorreaRenato Cerqueira

Nowadays, a lot have been discussed about Software Engineering teaching and learning. The key issue addressed in many works is the contrast between the essentially practical nature of this area and the teaching methods, which are highly theoretical. This paper presents the game SPARSE, built as a practical approach for teaching and learning Software Engineering, based on games and simulation. This paper also presents the results related to an evaluation made by the use of SPARSE by undergraduate students of different skill levels. As distributed component-based applications increase in size and complexity, on-line application monitoring becomes a crucial issue for assuring quality of service. In this paper we propose a monitoring architecture built into the component system itself that allows a fine-grained observation of the resources being in use by an application. Then, we provide an evaluation of the overhead imposed by the architecture carrying out experiments and observing the resource-usage behavior of two different types of application (data-intensive and message-intensive). The results show that the monitoring cost can be very affordable.

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