An Architecture Proposal for Nested Software Product Lines in the Domain of Mobile and Context-Aware Applications

Fabiana G. MarinhoAline L. CostaFrancisco F. P. LimaJoão B. F. FilhoLincoln RochaValéria L. L. DantasRossana M. C. AndradeEldanâe TeixeiraCláudia Werner

The domain of mobile and context-aware applications involves challenging requirements, such as mobility and adaptation, which makes the application development complex for this area. Considering this scenario, we used a nested software product line (SPL) that aims to facilitate the construction of such software by domain decomposition in two levels of analysis. The first concerns the characteristics of a generic SPL for the mobile and context-aware domain. The second is the requirement analysis of a business domain together with characteristics of the generic level. The goal of this paper is to propose a nested SPL.

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