Utilização na proporção divina no processo de estimação da maturidade óssea

C.J. OliveteE. L. L. Rodrigues

Skeletal age assessment is one of theimportant features in analyze of carpal radiography inthe pediatric radiology area. Skeletal age can beassessed using a set of features extracted from the handbones ossification centers. The methods most widelyused for bone age determination presents highcomplexity degree for estimation, usually performed byradiologist and this task is extremely complex and timeconsumingproducing results with high charge ofpersonal interpretation. The aim of the present study isto present new methodology that checks the growththrough the golden proportion among some ossificationcenters measurements of the hand bones, producing onerelation between the bone growths and thechronological age. There were used 685 hand X-raysfrom children's among six and sixteen years old. Thesample was classified using the Anacarp software. Theresults were analyzed using the t-Student test regardingthe mean of the report medical obtained through ofclassical methods (Eklof & Ringertz, Tanner &Whitehouse and Greulich & Pyle). The results obtainedare very promising, getting high-rate of concordancewith the medicals reports mean.

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