Simplificações do método de Eklof & Ringertz para automatizar o processo de estimação da maturidade óssea

C.J. OliveteE. L. L. Rodrigues

The aim of this work was to evaluate bone age assessmentby the simplifications of Eklof & Ringertz methodology,using fast e simplified configuration. There were usedhand radiographic images of 685 children andadolescents (boys and girls; age: 6-18 years) in order toobtain the skeletal age assessment using Eklof &Ringertz simplifications - E&R5 and E&R3 (5 and 3hand bones ossification centers). The results wereanalysed using the Multiple Linear Regression test andthe t-Student test (5%), concerning the average of threeclassical methods. It is possible to conclude that bothproposed simplifications (E&R3 and E&R5) areappropriate for bone age estimation, using fast esimplified configuration, with similar results to theaverage of the traditional methods.

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