HSM: A New Color Space used in the Processing of Color Images

Severino Jr, Osvaldo Adilson Gonzaga

Inspired on the techniques used by painters to overlaplayers of various hues of paint to create oil paintings, andalso on observations of the the arrangement of Short-(S),Middle-(M), and Long-(L) wavelength-sensitive cones ofthe human retina for the interpretation of the colors, thispaper proposes the use of the new color space called HSMto the processing of color images. To demonstrate the applicabilityof the HSM color space in the processing of colorimages, this paper proposes the pixel-based segmentation ofa digital image of "human skin" or "non-skin", the sketchof the face image and the pixel-based segmentation of thetrumpet flowers tree (ype). The performance of the HSMcolor space in the pixel-based segmentation is comparedwith the HSV, YCbCr and TSL color spaces while the sketchof the face image is also compared with HSV, YCbCr andTSL colors spaces and the edge detectors of the Sobel, Prewitt,Roberts, Canny and Laplacian of Gaussian methods.The results demonstrate the potential of the proposed colorspace.

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