Sistema automático para análise de imagens de mastócitos

Rodolfo P. RomanoCláudio V. S. LoboJ. J. De Groote

For this work photomicrografs of mast cells were used. These cells, due their capacity toliberate a great variety of proinflammatory mediators in response to different stimulus, they have been a potential target of wide investigations in several scientific areas.The principal aim in this work is the construction of a software that implements a sequence ofdefined steps for the counting process, that is specific for the photomicrografs of mast cells, seeking to turn the automated process, without to be necessary the interference of the users, such as the final result of the counting should be satisfactory and accurate. The software also will permit to be realized na evaluation of the results of different techniques of digital image processing, which could be applied to the photomicrografs, besides their implications in the counting process. Techniques of digital image processing allow the analysis of characteristics inphotomicrografs, with the objective of obtain of an automated manner of qualitative improvement ofthe image or the extraction of informations, as for instance, the counting of cells.

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