Qualidade do Processamento de Imagens Mamográficas Adquiridas em um Digitalizador com Tecnologia a Laser e um com Tecnologia CCD

Renata de Freitas GóesHomero SchiabelMaurício Escarpinati

This paper has studied the detection capacity of mammography's images that was by acquiring by using a laser scanner (Lumiscan 50) and a conventional optic scanner to film digitalizing (Umax, model PowerLook 1200). Though statistical analysis can evaluate the both scanners images. Thus, noticed that the optic scanner showed a huge increasing in the digitalizing image intensity (gray level) regarding original.Considering these answers, has been developed a procedure to compensate the displacement of the curve of each scanner regarding the film characteristic curve. The adjustment polynomial generated, so it, was used as correction to digitalized images in the optic scanner.After this, all digitalized images in both scanners were processed using mammography images segmentation technical to detection of microcalcifications previously implemented by our research team, for the purpose of established a comparison between the sensibility of identification of the interesting structures in the digitalized images in both equipaments.

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