Identificação de relâmpagos e sprites na atmosfera pelo imageador ALIS a bordo do satélite científico EQUARS

Antonioni de F. VieiraJoao Batista Neto

The Atmospheric Limb Imaging System (ALIS), from Brazilian National Institute for SpaceResearch (INPE), embedded in the Equatorial Atmosphere Research Satellite (EQUARS) aims atsearching for three optical phenomena along the Earth's Limb: airglow, lightning and sprites.Sprites are vertical luminous phenomena that occur in the mesosphere and inferior ionosphereof red-orange coloration. The gathering of knowledge on sprites is of great importance do to theirinfluence over the terrestrial climate, together with the other phenomena.This article shows a method capable of identifying lightnings and sprites from digital images.From this identification it is possible to decide which images should be kept for subsequent uploadand which should be discarded.Preliminary studies have demonstrated that through image segmentation techniques with activecontour (that could be employed in a subsequent shape analysis process) and wavelet-basedcompression methods it is possible to recognize, locate and preserv those phenomena of interest.

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