Dispositivo para Topografia Corneana em Lâmpada de Fenda

L.V. VenturaC. RiulS. J. Faria e SousaG. V. Torres

An eleven illuminated rings device, based on Placido's rings technique, attached to the light header of a slit lamp has been developed to work as a projecting target, illuminated by the slit lamp's light. A video system for Galilean slit lamp has been used and the images reflected from the cornea of the projected rings are displayed in a PC's monitor. The target mire consists of 11 projecting light rings, black and white, covering the corneal surface from 0,5mm to 8,00mm in diameter. A software has been developed for the image processing as well as the calculus to provide the topographic measurements (accuracy is 0,2di.) Tests have been performed in volunteer patients and the obtained results are being compared to commercial corneal topographers. The system has been patented in Brasil and overseas (PCT).

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