Multiple 3D data acquisition system setup based on Structured Ligth technique for Immersive Videoconferencing applications

Daniel de A. LemeszenskiRicardo Nakamura

The interest in the use of 3D data acquisitiontechniques in video based interaction and immersivevideoconferencing systems has noticeably increasedin recent years. The availability of structured light 3Dsensors as off-the-shelf hardware presents a series ofnew opportunities for user interaction. However,occlusion issues may still occur both in single andmulti-users scenarios. Other interaction techniquesand game applications may require a more completereconstruction of the user. One possible solution toboth problems involves the use of multiple devicessimultaneously, which may bring new challengesrelated to interference from the structured lightprojectors. In this paper we present the evaluation ofdifferent configurations using two structured light 3Dsensors.

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