Integrando Recursos de Realidade Aumentada e Código de Barras Bidimensionais no Desenvolvimento de um Guia de Turismo

Pedro Clarindo da Silva NetoClodoaldo NunesEunice P. dos Santos Nunes

The popularization of the electronic computationalequipments occurred in the beginning of the decade of80s, the emergence of the first personal computers,confronted the users the need of innovating the formthey interact with these equipments. The AugmentedReality is a kind of technology in which virtual objectsare added to the real environment, increasing the fieldof the user's vision and aiming at considering a newform of interaction between the man and the computer.This study is about the Augmented Reality Technology,its concepts and the main libraries that implement thistechnology. Based on this technology a case study wascarried out, in order to have an application in the areaof Tourism for the World Cup of 2014 which will takeplace in Cuiabá one of the cities that will host theevent.

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