GESTUS: Hardware e Framework de Baixo Custo para Interfaces Gestuais

Lucas Azzi e ColletLuciano Silva

Non-conventional interfaces represent an area of intense research in Human Computer Interaction. Gestures Interfaces are configured as a possibility of non-conventional interface, based on interpretation and identification of certain patterns of user's movements, called gestures. Despite the gestures interfaces form a natural way for interaction, yet their implementations incur in high costs. It is therefore of great interest computational and commercial design and development a low-cost architectures for this type of interface. Within this context, this project proposes the specification and implementation of a low-cost data glove for use in gestural interfaces. In addition to building the actual hardware of the glove, we developed a framework for access to the glove, as well as a portable interface for using this hardware for applications that require processing of gestures in its process of interfacing.

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