Construção de uma ferramenta para auxiliar o tratamento de Aracnofobia usando RA

Lázaro Vinícius de Oliveira LimaAlexandre CardosoPaula Teixeira NakamotoEdgard Afonso Lamounier Jr.Ederaldo José Lopes

This work presents a system that can help a therapistin the treatment of people with Arachnophobia by usingInternet Augmented Reality techniques. In this system, thereare two modules, one based on the direct vision techniques, inwhich goggles and a webcam are used; and the other based onindirect vision techniques, in which a web browser is used. Inboth modules, a marker is captured by a webcam and treatedby a virtual model of a spider in the real environment. Thistool we propose in this paper aims to help in the treatment ofpeople with phobia of spiders through the increasing exposureto these virtual models, for it provides eight types of spiders,some with images of low quality and less details of a spider andothers with images of high quality, and thus more similar to areal spider. As we mentioned before, by using the technique ofAugmented Reality, the patient is not exposed to real spidersduring the treatment (in vivo). One of the greatest advantagesof this system is the control therapists have on its use, accordingto patients' needs. It is also very easy to use this system forthe only resource you need is a flash plugin installed on yourpersonal computer.

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