Comparison of neural networks applied to Augmented Reality for upper limb prosthesis simulation

Victor C. PonzDaniel S. D. CaetanoFernando E. R. MattioliKenedy L. NogueiraEdgard A. Lamounier Jr.Alexandre Cardoso

Computer-based training systems have beenwidely studied in the field of human rehabilitation. In healthapplications, Virtual Reality presents itself as an appropriatetool to simulate training environments without exposing thepatients to risks. In particular, virtual prosthetic devices havebeen used to reduce the great mental effort needed by patientsfitted with myoelectric prosthesis, during the training stage. Inthis paper, the application of Virtual and Augmented Realityin a hand or arm prosthesis training system is discussed. Thiswill be achieved with the discussion of the possibility to exploredifferent Neural Networks.

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