Autotag: Applying Tags to Virtual Objects in Real-Time Visualization Systems

Renato D. PradoAlberto RaposoLuciano P. Soares

A main objective of large industrial-engineeringdepartments is implementing integrated information systemsto manage their projects' life cycles. Particularly, mostindustrial engineers in the oil and gas industry use 3Dgeometric models, which they create using CAD systems tointeract with the information systems. This is possible becausemodern CAD systems have evolved from drawing programs tocollaborative design tools that combine geometric modelerswith specialized tools for tasks such as engineering-documentmanagement, physical-plant documentation, and computeraidedvisualization. Important information that needs to beassociated with CAD objects in these scenarios is the name ofthe objects, essential for tasks such as operation management,for instance. Despite its importance, there is not yet a wellestablishedsolution for the presentation of objects' names inCAD real-time visualization. This paper presents a solution togenerate textures for CAD objects with their mainidentification, keeping interactive visualization rates in massiveCAD models. The main challenges are discussed and solutionsare proposed and tested.

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