Seleção das Amêndoas de Castanha do Brasil por sua Condição Física Utilizando Visão Computacional

Raphael Gava de AndradeValentin Obac RodaJosé Dalton Cruz Pessoa

Almonds of Brazil Nuts (Bertholletia excelsa H.B.K) have a high economic value added and they are important for the northern region of Brazil. Despite the nut's name, Bolivia is leading exporter with more than 70% of market around the world. They have been using technology in their factories of Brazil nuts. In the other hand, Brazil still needs improvements. There are many steps in Brazil nut process and the classification and selection step are very important to meet the quality requirements of foreign countries. There are some articles using computer vision to extract shape descriptors of objects and classify them with it. Thus, this paper shows a way to do these steps with no subjectivity and maintaining high processing. For this, it was used computer vision techniques.

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