Mosaico Automático de Imagens Agrícolas através da Transformada SIFT

André de Souza TaralloRoberta Vendramini GonçalvesMaria S. V. de PaivaLúcio A. de Castro Jorge

The generation of automatic mosaics from highresolution digital images is a very important tool, because it increases the efficiency in obtaining results and helps fast decision-making. In agriculture, the automatic image mosaics of forest and crop areas, helps different applications in precision farming that needs to answer in a very fast way. A problem of this area is joining two or more images in a new image without great distortion. In this paper it is presented a tool for automatic mosaic reconstruction, using a method based on SIFT transform to join sequential images. Satisfactory results were obtained with accurate mosaics, 3.4% differences among each pairs of sequential images. It was concluded that tool minimize the time to obtain results (compared with the manual method executed on the field, which has no tool to obtain results quickly) and can helps precision farming operations.

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