Face and straight line detection in equirectangular images

Leonardo K. SachtPaulo C. CarvalhoLuiz VelhoMarcelo Gattass

In this paper, we address the problem of detecting faces and straight lines in a scene represented by an equirectangular image, i.e., a spherical image of the 360 degree longitude/180 degree latitude field of view. The main difficulty of these problems is that straight lines in the scene usually appear curved in the equirectangular images and faces may appear too distorted. Thus, standard detectors for lines and faces can not be used directly in this context.The solutions we present in this paper use projections of the equirectangular image where these features are well preserved. To detect faces, we use the Mercator projection, which preserves shape and orientation of the faces. To detect lines, we use perspective projections, which preserve straight lines. To deal with the whole equirectangular image, six different projections are used, one for each face of the bounding cube. After some processing steps are applied to the Mercator and perspective projections, the standard detectors are applied and the detected features are mapped back to the equirectangular image.

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