Knowledge Discovery on Trajectory Data Warehouses: Possible usage of the Data Mining Techniques

Fernando J. Braz

In this paper we are interested in discussing the possibility of theusage of Data Mining tasks in order to reveal knowledge resident in Trajectory Data Warehouses (TDW). We consider a data stream environment where a set of mobile objects send the data about its location in a irregular and unbounded way. The data volume is stored in a centralized and traditional DW with precomputed aggregations values (preserving the trajectories privacy). Through of analysis of the TDW measures (pre-computed aggregation values) we can reveal some characteristics about trajectories in a given spatio-temporal area. The revealed knowledge can be useful in order to describe or show the occurrence of a real phenomenon. We present a review of a proposed structure of a TDW and discuss the use of Data Mining tasks to improve the analysis of the trajectory data warehouse environment.

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