Um sistema de recomendação para fóruns de discussão na web baseado na estimativa da expertise e na classificação colaborativa de conteúdo

Fernando M. Figueira FilhoPaulo Lício de GeusJoão Porto de Albuquerque

In the latter years, we noticed a paradigm change in the World Wide Web. New web application functionalities incite a growing change in the user's role from a mere information consumer to an active knowledge producer. Web forums are a good example of knowledge repositories which have been collaboratively constructed. However, finding information in these environments could be a time-consuming task, given that sometimes the user cannot suitably express his/her search task in a set of keywords, issue that is specially relevant to novice users. Recommender systems have obtained good results in these cases, by guiding users through the informational space and suggesting useful content without posing the requirement that all relevant terms must be known in advance. This paper proposes a recommendation model based on expertise and metadata co-occurrence, which will be evaluated in an experiment conducted with user participation.

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