VOID: An Endoscopy into a Black-Box

Sandro Canavezzi de AbreuOtto RösslerMario Alexandre GazziroJoão Guilherme Darezzo Martins da FrançaJosé Hiroki Saito

The "VOID" project (founded by the Langlois Foundation, Canada; and supported by theV2_Lab, at the V2_Org in the Netherlands) is a work in progress that intends to create an interaction that introduces the user to an observational situation that is continuously eroding the position of the user as a super-observer (an observer that doesn't influence the object observed, as seen in the Classical Objectivity). The user, while indirectly investigating and observing the properties of a supposed internal reality accessed through an interface, is induced to realize that there's nothing to see there despite the interface itself. The interface is its own observed volatile object, which is continuously disturbed by the presence of the user. In this event without horizon, its borders are the borders of the interface (which could make "palpable" the walls of the Cartesian prison?). Like this, it intends to reverse the situation of an object-centred stage to a contextual and observer-oriented one; objectivity to observerrelativity. From autonomy to covariance, from dictatorship of subjectivity to the world of the machine.

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