Sérgio SoaresPaulo Borba

Ambiente de Visualização e Interação de Simulações Neurais

Unfortunately, there is a lack of experiments in software engineering. For example, it is common to propose new processes, paradigms, methods, development architectures, frameworks, and others, using only intuitive or textual arguments, instead of trying to demonstrate effectiveness of the proposal by using experiments techniques, when real case studies might be to expensive. We are particularly interested to present some results and get feed back about a performed study to identify if and when a progressive implementation approach is better than a non-progressive one. In a progressive approach, persistence, distribution, and concurrency control are not initially considered in the implementation activities, but are gradually introduced, preserving the application's functional requirements. This approach helps in dealing with the inherent complexity of the modern applications, through the support to gradual implementations and tests of the intermediate versions of the application.

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