Realidade Virtual Baseada em Texto: Uma Análise Sócio-Organizacional da Experiência MOO no Brasil

Giuliana Pitança AlcántaraLeandro Soares Indrusiak

Since 1994, when the Brazilian Internet backbone was set, several text-based virtual reality environments became popular among Brazilians. Now we have chat rooms, ICQ and others, but five years ago - when available network, software and hardware resources weren't powerful enough to handle massive data transmission without lags - MOOs and MUDs populated the Brazilian virtual space. Accessed by a loyal audience, mostly university students, MOOs continue to be important interaction places on the Internet, which make them significant source of information about the rise, operation and fall of such societies. This paper addresses the rise of the MOOs in Brazil, its operation and internal organization, as well as the consequences of that process.

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