Mundos Virtuais e Avatares

Suzete VenturelliTania FragaJasen Rojas LiraAline Lara RezendeFabrício AnastácioLeon Sólon da Silva

The present paper aims the reflection upon the artistic creation of multi- user interactive virtual worlds and avatars which are created by artists. The interaction relies on systems of interaction and methods which aims to allow the body, the mind (the intellect) and the psyche to meet, into the virtual realms, with the poetic gesture and the intuitive aspects until now restricts to the imaginary and dream realms. A field of possible relations between humans and machines are simulated. They aim to establish choices and sensible actions inside these imaginary worlds of pure synthesis. As a result we see the emergence of inquiries into the role either of interactive telematic art or the possibilities of prothesis among humans and virtual beings; either of the identity and authorship or the immanent consequences of communication and social interaction in cyberspace.

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