Modelagem de objetos 3D em VRML: Uma implementação multiplataforma orientada ao ensino

Fernando Santos OsórioAndré Tavares da Silva

VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) is a language oriented to the Internet and it is a powerful tool for the creation of new applications on Virtual Reality. The objective of this work is the integration of modeling techniques and the VRML through a software we developed. In order to do that, the sweep modeling technique was chosen. The modeling system developed in this work, written in Java programming language, can be used either as an executable program or as an applet in an Internet browser together with a VRML viewer. This software is distributed freely for educational use. This modeling system, with simple user interface and straightforward operation, does not require an advanced knowledge of modeling techniques asthe commercial systems usually do. Also, it is a platform independent program and can be used through the Internet, since it was written in Java. Thus, it is also a tool with a didactic appeal that allows the students to examine the sweep modeling technique in a simple system, and it can be used to introduce some concepts about Virtual Reality.

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