Low Cost Interactive Stereoscopic Full Color Direct Volume Visualization of the Visible Human Dataset for Virtual Reality Medical Applications

Vicente Pimentel de Sampaio GoesLiliane dos Santos MachadoMarcio Calixto CabralRicardo Bittencourt Vidigal LeitaoRoseli De Deus LopesMarcelo Knorich Zuffo

Only recently, advanced direct volume visualization techniques have been widely used due to the availability of low cost hardware accelerators; such techniques have a great potential of use for many applications of the virtual reality in medicine. We proposed and implemented a low cost system for interactive and stereoscopic 3D visualization of the full color visible human dataset. Potential use of the proposed system includes anatomical atlases and surgical simulators. A prototype of the proposed system is rendering full color volumes with 256x152x180 in real time (15-20Hz) with stereoscopy.

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