Development of a Flight Simulator with a 3D Visualization System

Rodrigo Kuntz RangelLamartine N.F.GuimarãesFrancisco de Assis Correa

In this contribution, it is presented the development of a flight simulator that allows the user to interact in a created environment by means of Virtual Reality devices. This environment is supposed to simulate the sight of a pilot in an airplane cockpit. The environment is projected in a helmet visor and allows the pilot to see inside as well as outside the cockpit. The movement of the airplane is independent of the movement of the pilots' head. Which means that the airplane might travel in one direction and the pilot is looking in a 30 degree angle with respect to traveled direction. In this environment the pilot will be able to take off, fly and land the airplane. So far, the objects in the environment are geometrical figures. This is an ongoing project and only partial results are available at the moment. A videotape of the simulator will be shown, together with a demo of the program that simulates the environment.

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