Aspectos de Comunicação em uma Aplicação Distribuída de Realidade Virtual Utilizando Java e VRML

Tatiana Cavalcanti FernandesAlexandre Sztajnberg

Nowadays Internet application development is focused on systems that allow interaction of groups of users and data sharing. In this scenario, Virtual Reality is considered an important technique to provide user interfaces that are, both, intuitive and attractive. The possibility of sharing a single-view virtual environment with a group of users, and the interface and interactivity provided by Virtual Reality was the base of the present work. Initially, some basic concepts and features of Virtual Reality are presented, as well as the problems and mechanisms involved in the implementation of a Distributed Virtual Reality System (DVRS). An example application was developed, using VRML to describe a virtual world, and Java, combined with multicast technique, was used to implement control and communication among the machines. The developed DVRS allows many users to share the same virtual environment to exchange information.

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