Aplicação de Técnicas de Realidade Virtual em Estudos do Patrimônio Arquitetônico na Praça Central de Pelotas

Ricardo Brod MéndezRicardo Augusto da Luz Reis

The aim of this project is to integrate 3D visualization techniques and environmental perception studies. For conducting the study three important issues of the urban planning were investigated: heritage preservation, quality of the perceived environment and integration of people in the process of urban planning. For three-dimensional representation of the urban environment were researched emergent technologies for creation of virtual worlds, considering the optimization of geometric models, high fidelity with the real world experience and easy interaction of the user with the proposed system, allowing either its utilization by specialists and lay people. After the discussion of related concepts, it is presented the description of the implementation process used for visualization of selected buildings in the central area of Pelotas, beyond the demonstration of support technologies for the VR system.

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