Ambientes VRML para o Ensino-Aprendizagem de Matemática: Modelo Conceitual e Protótipo

Adriano PasqualottiCarla Maria Dal Sasso Freitas

The use of non-immersive virtual reality in education has not been studied as it should have been. However, some authors have already demonstrated the benefits coming from using such technology. VRML - Virtual Reality Modeling Language provides means for using non-immersive virtual reality in the internet. It is a platform-independent language that allows the specification of virtual environments where users can walk in, observe different objects and interact with them. Students can benefit from this technology, since it allows them to access objects describing subjects that students should study. This paper introduces a model for a virtual environment based on VRML, which intends to aid students in learning geometry concepts. A prototype implementing this conceptual model is presented. The prototype was used in experimental sessions with 7th grade students and some conclusions can be drawn based on the results of this experiment.

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