A Virtual Reality Simulator for Bone Marrow Harvest for Transplant

Liliane dos Santos MachadoAndre Nebel de MelloRoseli De Deus LopesVicente Odone FilhoMarcelo Knorich Zuffo

Despite the proposal of the first electronic based virtual reality in the 1960s, only recently low cost technology has been available for general and effective implementations. One of the main advantages of virtual reality is the user interaction and immersion on computer based simulations. This interaction and immersion can be very effective in some critical training missions such as surgery training. We are developing a virtual reality simulator for bone marrow harvest that integrates interactive stereo visualization and force feedback techniques. The main objective is to offer a low cost VR-based system to boost current adopted training methodologies for bone marrow transplant procedures, enhancing the real clinical procedures with direct benefits to patients. This paper discusses some medical aspects of this clinical procedure from the physician and patient point of view, describes the proposed systems and its implementation, and finally considers the impact of the use of VR-based systems on such applications.

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