A Abordagem de Programação Orientada a Objetos na Criação de um Mundo Virtual de Plasma

Carlos Magno de LimaÂngelo Roncalli Oliveira GuerraClodomiro Alves Junior

The set of phenomenon involved while using plasma technology for surface processing is multidisciplinary and carries a high level of abstraction in its approach. Along with these difficulties, there is an increase demand regarding the need for training engineers through distance learning techniques. Virtual Reality tools are being used in educational environment in which students may or may not be a long distance way from school. Therefore, this technology has proof to be an efficient way to disseminate complex subjects requiring the understanding of an abstract phenomenon. On the other hand, the development of virtual worlds and simulation systems requires good programming skills, as well as modern approaches to tackle these complex design problems. Within this context, this paper describes a methodology for the development of virtual worlds including enhanced viewing, interactivity and simulation facilities by applying object oriented programming aiming to cover problems of plasma theory.

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